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How to write outstanding product descriptions for your hire products

Great product descriptions are key in getting good quality leads through hire platforms such as Erento. Your potential customers are more likely to contact you, if your product descriptions offer them all the information they need, and make selecting the right product easy.

This is why devoting time and effort into crafting descriptions for your product is a smart investment.

But what exactly is a great product description? In this article, we’ll share our 5 most important tips!

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This is how you satisfy your customers online

How do customers get in contact with you? Sure, a lot of them call you. But we are sure you have seen an increase in customer enquiries via the internet. After all, more and more customers are using online platforms to gather information about products or services before they purchase or hire something. This is why we will take the chance today to present you with important factors which will influence customer satisfaction in online marketplaces such as Erento. The reality is that only truly satisfied customers come back, recommend your products or services to others and continue to be loyal to you in the long run.

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Attract more attention online by using images

Do you also believe that a picture says more than a thousand words? It does not matter if it is on Facebook, Twitter, your blog or on your own website; your entries should not be just a sea of text. This is why we use images, diagrams, and infographics on websites, company blogs and within social media activities. They help to attract more attention and spark more interest within potential customers. In today’s post, you will find tips and tools to show you how to use your images in order to add more value to your content.

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New Year - Erento is changing

Erento wishes you a happy and successful New Year!

We have a lot to look forward to this year, and not only in developing a stronger relationship with our partners and customers. We are proud to introduce Erento’s new branding – and most specifically our new logo.

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Wishing You Happy Holidays!

Enjoy quality time with your family this season, we at the Erento editorial department will also be slowing things down and closing until the start of the New Year.

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What importance does the internet have for hire companies?

In today’s blog post, we want to look at the growing importance of the internet for you as hire company. We have all been witness to how the internet has changed the music industry. Currently, we are also seeing how the hotel industry and the taxi business are being shaken up by alternative offers such as Airbnb and Uber. This revolution seems to have no end, more and more industries will witness radical change. Therefore, do not close your eyes to “this internet thing”. Take part in the revolution. After all, the internet also provides a plethora of opportunities for you hire companies out there.

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Bring Customers Closer + Improve SEO Rankings with the Corporate Blog

For businesses with any online activity whatsoever, presence on social media is an absolute must. We’ll talk about social media like Twitter and Facebook for hire companies in forthcoming post, but one element of the social Internet not to be missed is blogging. If you want to bring your customers closer to you, a corporate blog is one of the best ways to do that.

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A bright future for the UK Sharing Economy


If you had asked me last year what I thought the Sharing Economy was, I can guarantee you would have received a blank expression and confused answer. Yet, in no less than six months I now see and hear the term on a regular basis. I thought perhaps it was just me, but it would seem that many of my friends and family are coming to the same realisation.

And we're not the only ones. The UK press is now full of stories about the likes of Uber, AirBnb and, most recently, EasyCar. I have to say that I find it all incredibly encouraging, and more recently it has me asking "What's the future for the UK Sharing Economy? Where is it all heading?". Well, fortunately for me PwC recently made some interesting predictions for the future of the Sharing Economy in the UK...

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Skydancer 7.5 convertible motorhome breaks the mould

Skydancer's 7.5 'Road Yacht' was revealed to the world at this year's Düsseldorf Caravan Salon.

Hosted in the enormous Messe Düsseldforf event venue, this year's showcase took place between August 30th and September 7th. The gathering - apparently the biggest of its kind, welcomed an estimated 150,000 visitors and 580 different exhibitors from across the international motorhome industry.

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erento's top tools for autumn gardening


As much as it pains me to admit, autumn is slowly drawing in. I know, I know, nobody wants to think about it, not least me. Summer holidays are over, everyone's back to work or school, and the evenings are beginning to draw in...

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