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Erento UK blog on hiatus

Due to changes in Erento’s content strategy, our UK blog will go on temporary hiatus.

During the upcoming months, our content team will focus all of its energy on our German-speaking market, and the UK blog will not be updated regularly.

The site will continue working normally, and the blog hiatus will not have any impact on the functionality of the rest of the site.

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6 Tips on how you can successfullyhire out event equipment

Do you hire out event equipment and have you always asked yourself what would be the best way to hire out your items through online market places such as Erento? Then today’s post is perfect for you.

We have put together six unique tips for hiring out items relating to Parties, Tradefairs & Events.

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Lithuania – the undiscovered pearl of the East

In the 80’s and 90’s of the last millennium, Lithuanian punk bands led the peaceful revolution and today this Baltic EU member country feels more associated to the West than to Russia. As a holiday destination, this country has remained a well kept secret. Therefore, there is a lot to discover for those looking to give their travels that individual touch. The historical cities of this country are its greatest treasure not to mention the majestic Baltic Sea coastlines with their antique seaside resorts and the luscious forests with their numerous lakes.

We will show you why Lithuania is worth the trip.

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5 success factors for people who hire out

As a person who hires out, you probably often ask the question of how to get people to hire your items online. There is no one sure-fire way to success because every offer, and every customer for that matter, is different. There are, however, a couple of basic tips which can help you to hire out more successfully.

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Escaping winter: Unique camper holiday in South Africa

In light of the political events of the last few years, many enthusiasts of unique camper holidays are at a loss for where to go. The North African countries of Morocco and Tunisia, once very popular travel destinations to escape the winter without having to deal with a large time difference, are no longer considered to be safe.

A genuine alternative to this is South Africa. This 1.2 million square kilometre large country is located in the southern hemisphere. This means that when we have late autumn’s mucky weather ringing in winter, summer is just starting in South Africa. We have put together the best travel tips for South Africa for your enjoyment.

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Tool tips for people hiring out – free Google tools

Nowadays it is almost impossible to find someone who is hiring out who does not have their own website. However, only a few really know how many people visit their site or how they can improve their online visibility. These, along with several other aspects are crucial when you want to successfully hire out. For this reason, we are presenting you with two free Google tools today which are a must for your online analysis.

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Why it is important to keep your online presence up-to-date

In the digital age, the internet is the ideal starting point to present a large public base with your range of items for hire. This can be done using images or details.

Making use of platforms like Erento or a personal homepage and having detailed information pertaining to the item for hire ready will help potential customers get a good impression of the item without ever having actually seen it.

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Essential tips for your very first holiday with a motorhome

The motorhome has been hired out, the route has been planned, things have been packed and it is time to get going – or maybe not? The very first holiday with a hired motorhome is an exciting experience. It is no wonder that we rattle our brains thinking about if we have everything and how actually getting on the road should go.

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How to hire out while on holiday: Tips for your absence

Can you hire out while you are on holiday? Of course you can! You do not even need to take your computer with you to the beach or take calls from your beach chair. There are methods to keep your business running while you are away.

Prepare your holiday well in advance and let your customers know when you are on holiday and cannot be reached. Otherwise, they will be confused when you do not answer and will quietly become angry about the disregard.

Here are three tips that can help you to continue running your hire business while you are on holiday.

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Cooking in a camper can be so easy

More and more people are putting emphasis on fresh and healthy eating; “Clean eating” is the trendy term used by Generation Y. But how can this be done with such limited space in a camper? For those of you who want to eat healthy and wholesome, you need a real kitchen. With the right tools and a good plan, it is possible to offer variety even in the close quarters of a camper without the use of instant soups and ready-made sauces. We will show you some tricks on how to conjure up some magical recipes during your journey.

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