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Hire out more successfully – Ask your customers for feedback

Do you know what your customers’ opinions are concerning the price and quality of your hire items? Or how satisfied your customers are with your customer service? No? Then ask! Your customers know best where your strengths and weaknesses lie. The answers will help you to hire out more successfully.

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What to do when the customer has exceeded the agreed upon hiring time period?

In general, it is quite simple. A person who hires items using Erento can easily and inexpensively use them for a certain time without spending a lot of money to purchase them personally. The person hiring out also benefits from those items which he does not currently use himself. After all, is there any other way to make a profit on things that are just lying around?

In almost all cases, the hiring relationship is a mutually positive one. Even when things do not go exactly as planned, the hire customer does not adhere to the agreed upon obligations and keeps the hired item longer than the set time period, the person hiring out does not have to despair. There are options for recovering the missing item and for receiving reimbursement for the late return.

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Our top 3 tips for better product photos

Pictures say more than a thousand words. This is also true for your product photos at or at other online platforms. After all, when hiring out items online, it is not only about having good products, but also about presenting them in a good light. Professional pictures do not only catch the attention, but also lead to better search results at Erento and Google.

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How to gain more success through corporate identity

Those of us who switch on the TV to ring in well-deserved downtime and find commercials waiting or flip through a high-gloss magazine to find artistically appealing adverts know: With the help of their marketing departments filled with the best of the best, globally recognized businesses are continuously fine tuning the image of their company as well as of their products. It is, after all, the image of a business that is outwardly presented which vastly influences product recognition and success. But a “corporate identity” is not only important to multi-million dollar, internationally active business.

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Show your profile – How can hire companies place themselves more effectively on platforms

For those who wish to hire out items at attractive prices, Erento is where you want to be. After all, there is a continuously growing community looking to hire items online. Why buy winter sports or trekking equipment that is just used for one week and then clutter up the garage? But even the best offer means nothing if there are virtually infinite similar offers out there.

Successfully hiring out items is not witchcraft. To take advantage of hire platforms as effectively as possible, all you have to do is follow a handful of tips to optimally design your own profile.

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How you can use emails to improve customer communication

Every day more than 100 billion business emails are sent out worldwide (Statista). Even for those of you who have a hire business, email has become the most important means of communication between you and your customers. This is why excellent communication through email is such a deciding factor for your well running hire business. And, this is also why we would like to use today’s article to show you some of the various email types which are relevant to you as a hire business. Furthermore, we will give you some tips on how to improve your emails.

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What to do when a hire item has been damaged by a customer?

People who hire items out, usually count on getting the item back in one piece after being hired out. However, not every hire customer is as careful with such items as the people who hire them out would like them to be. And, accidents do happen which can make a newer high-quality and fully functional trailer ripe for the junkyard.

Legally everything is clearly laid out: Whoever should damage the property of another, must reimburse the owner for the damages. But if worst comes to worst, problems will most certainly arise. When the hire customer denies being responsible for the damages, people who hire out have the cards stacked against them. They now have to survive a financially intensive and exhausting legal battle which, in the worst case scenario, they will lose anyway. After all, it is not just the truth that counts in a legal dispute, but first and foremost the proof.

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Content Marketing – An Introduction

Content Marketing – has this term crossed your path in the past year? It is one of currently most discussed topics in the internet. This is also why we have chosen it for today’s topic. The most efficient tool to manage content marketing has already been presented by Santana in her blog post, the Corporate Blog. Today, we will have a look at what content marketing is (specifically for hire companies with their own websites) and which goals can be achieved using good content.

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How to write outstanding product descriptions for your hire products

Great product descriptions are key in getting good quality leads through hire platforms such as Erento. Your potential customers are more likely to contact you, if your product descriptions offer them all the information they need, and make selecting the right product easy.

This is why devoting time and effort into crafting descriptions for your product is a smart investment.

But what exactly is a great product description? In this article, we’ll share our 5 most important tips!

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This is how you satisfy your customers online

How do customers get in contact with you? Sure, a lot of them call you. But we are sure you have seen an increase in customer enquiries via the internet. After all, more and more customers are using online platforms to gather information about products or services before they purchase or hire something. This is why we will take the chance today to present you with important factors which will influence customer satisfaction in online marketplaces such as Erento. The reality is that only truly satisfied customers come back, recommend your products or services to others and continue to be loyal to you in the long run.

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